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Welcome to Nippleicious and our range of unique hand crafted NON piercing nipple jewellery

Nippleicious non piercing jewellery is a new concept in nipple adornment. It is intended to adorn, excite, stimulate and be good fun. Our nipple jewellery is NON piercing, NON-invasive, beautiful, sexy and inexpensive. All our nipple charms are colourful, easy to apply, great fun, sexy, enhancing, increase the blood flow and therefore sensitivity. Nippleicious nipple dangles giving more enjoyment, very reasonably priced and most important, CAN be worn by any woman (or man!), pierced or not.

Nippleicious non piercing nipple jewellery looks stunning and will certainly spice up your love life. Just imagine your lovers reaction when he/she sees you undressing and wearing this unique piece of jewellery adorning your breasts. That is just irresistible. Especially if the chain with crystals or bells will shimmer (or jingle) between your nipples.

Nippleicious non piercing jewellery is an ideal accessory for those who want to try something new, and want top-quality products to do it with. We personally hand make all our items here in the UK and they are not available from elsewhere.

Trade/Wholesale Customers

Trade partners and clients are able to purchase directly from the Nippleicious website.

Please login or register using the links below to make your purchases.

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Retail Customers

Our retail customers can browse our product listings and make purchases here on the website. 

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Alternatively, our products can be purchased on Ebay and Etsy:

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